I painted the donkey with a lipstick burden way back in 2002. At the time, there was a vague air of misogyny in its meaning, probably due to the multitude of assholes that I dated in college. Years later, with plenty more life experience (and more assholes, but mostly I have a much healthier relationship with males, thanks to my son), I see that donkey as the artist who takes herself too seriously.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who thinks that “anything can be art.” I did go to art school in NYC, and I have slaved away for countless years perfecting my skills in traditional art. The word “art” means a lot to me.

Yet, I have also learned that almost anything can be done artfully. Meaning, with intention and awareness, while expressing yourself honestly and completely. You can do this while slicing an apple, painting a wall, or even wiping your kid’s butt (trust me, I’ve transformed that duty into my own private art form).

The act or the product doesn’t necessarily need to be art. The art is within the creator.

So yes, I’ll be posting about the traditional art that I make, of course. I still paint often, design my book covers, and produce all kinds of digital art. But I’ll also be blogging about creativity.

Creativity is change, newness, playfulness, beginnings. It’s baking your own bread, making a beautiful meal, planting an herb garden, forming a new friendship, or finding a new solution to an old problem. The quality of these experiences, and the unique personal vision you bring to them, is what makes them artful. Or not. Like I said, not just anything is art.

It’s all up for endless argument and analysis. From yoga & meditation, to wild sourdough, to oil painting, to parenthood, to video gaming…let’s talk about the stuff that is art.

To view some of my own traditional art, check out Artist to Author.

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