I was encouraged to start a blog by friends in the indie author community. It seemed like a good way to share a lot of information about my books and me, and there is so much more to writing a novel than simply writing.

But, you’re supposed to blog ALL the time, and to be honest, there just isn’t something bookish to blog about every day. Plus, after a while, a blog about writing just seemed pretty one-note. There is so much more to my life, and most of what I actually want to blog about is the much more, not the books.

Enter, Exhibit #1: Liam.

Liam is my 7-year-old son, and we constantly write, draw, make movies, animate lumps of clay, dress up in weird costumes…I mean the list just goes on and on. Most of what I do all day, I do for him, and that includes trying to have a career that I love while simultaneously being a good mother.

He also happens to be super cute and adorably strange. His YouTube channel is much more interesting than mine. Check out “The Chinese Ghost,” his freestyle dance performance to music that he wrote himself:


Anyway, it’s pretty hard to separate art, books, and child. One of my characters in my first book, The Tramp, was modeled after who I imagined Liam could be as a teenager. And, the stuff I have to learn to help this kid produce his videos! Even though I knew I would some day need to learn to edit video and make animations as an artist, I never would’ve taken the plunge if I didn’t have that sweet little chubby face begging me to do it.

Here’s one of his stop-motions, the very first video we made together:


Yeah, I went a little overboard with the build up. But it was such a big deal, the first video that we had EVER made!

Liam just informed me today that he wants to make a new intro, this one using a green screen, new animation (which I just found out you can do with Photoshop, the best software in the whole world), and something about his new favorite game, Undertale. Some Muay Thai boxing thrown in there, too. Educate me, boy child.

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