Vegas_2_smallHi, I’m Sarah. I’m an artist, a writer, and a mother. Not in that order particularly. Order depends on the day, my son’s schedule, my mood. And, of course, the Moon.

I used to blog only about things I thought I was supposed to blog about, like writing and authorpreneurship. That was fun (yes, that’s sarcasm). So I decided, “Screw that, it’s my blog!” Read it or don’t, but I’m sure as hell gonna have fun writing it. I still write about writing and authorpreneurship, because it actually is a pretty fun job, being an indie author. But now, I also blog about anything that fits neatly into these categories: art, books, child.

Why, you’re right! Nothing fits neatly into any category, and it all adds up to life. I’ll still try to make sense of it all, and I’ll share it all with you. Well, within reason…

Sarah Wathen is a storyteller by trade and a painter at heart. She was trained in Classical Painting at the University of Central Florida, then completed graduate studies in Fine Art at Parson’s School of Design in New York City. Her first step into the world of independent publishing was as an illustrator, and Sarah quickly realized she wanted to write her own books rather than illustrate others. That reinvention came as no surprise to family and friends, who remember her as a child always ready to turn a tale. Hours spent under the backyard stairs with her sister—dreaming up imaginary friends with outlandish names like Afisha and Pekins, and designing social networks called the Plant Club and the Tutu Group—were recorded and illustrated, too. Copies still exist under lock and key!

Sarah currently resides in Florida and runs the indie label, LayerCake Productions. Find her novels on Amazon HERE.



Twitter: @SWathen_Author

Facebook: SarahLWathen


Instagram: sarah.wathen

Wattpad: SarahWathen

Medium: @sarahwathen


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